Piano lessons Edinburgh

Hi there I’m Tricia welcome to my site.

I offer professional and affordable piano lessons for all ages and abilities. My piano teaching practice is based at my home on the east side of Edinburgh in a lovely area close to Holyrood Park.

I have been living and teaching here for the past 11 years as well as teaching piano as a Peripatetic instructor in schools, but following recent changes in my teaching I currently have a few vacant slots for adult learners during the daytime.

I started teaching piano about 30 years ago, beginning when I was a music student at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Over the years I have taught people of all ages, from 6 years old to people in their 80s, and with a wide range of abilities from complete beginners to Diploma level. The key thing I have realised is that learning to play needs to be an enjoyable experience where people have fun whilst building confidence and skills.

For me as a teacher, helping others to learn or to improve their playing is a pleasure and a privilege, but it is often a challenging process, with much need for patient, ongoing work on both sides!
As a piano teacher I offer a variety of approaches. Over the years I have found that success comes when people play music they really enjoy. For some that means following a more formal route of exam grades, technique and music theory, and my work as an Associated Board examiner supports that approach.

For others it can mean popular music, putting chords to melodies at the keyboard or playing jazzy pieces.It’s all about working flexibly with each person and building secure skills and the confidence that goes with it. So I offer a variety of musical experience and real flexibility to work with each individual, starting where they are and helping them to develop their piano playing towards a sense of achievement whilst enjoying themselves in the process.

Although I teach people of all ages, I have found that in recent years I have become increasingly drawn to working with adults: those who have always wanted to play but haven’t had the opportunity, and those who leant as children and feel that now is the time to get back to playing the piano.

Teaching adults is very rewarding as people are usually highly motivated and excited about learning and advancing. With adults in the past I have had a wide range of requests. One man came for his first lesson as a complete beginner and said “I have always wanted to play “Bridge over troubled water.” Which, eventually he did!

My lessons are typically either 30 minutes or an hour a week, depending on availability, cost and the level of study, and I would invite anyone interested to get in touch and come for a preliminary chat about their needs and wishes before starting regular lessons.

My own stylistic tastes on piano are various. Over many years of study I have played music by a wide range of composers and in a variety of styles, and partly what I play depends on how I feel, from Bach to jazz, but my overall favourites have to be the Romantic composers, especially Chopin and Rachmaninov.

My wish now is to help enthuse and equip others to enjoy playing the piano, learning at their own pace, and to be patiently alongside them as they learn the art of playing, with fun along the way!